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Is your child struggling to learn?


Does your child’s homework take hours to complete?


Is your child facing challenges to focus, read, and stay organized?


Does your child have poor language development?


Let me design a supportive educational plan that improves reading, task completion, problem solving, and emotional control while learning.


UConn, PhD in Education



Lead Curriculum Designer, 9th Bridge School, Las Vegas NV. Director of Academic Advising, University of Texas at El Paso


Tutoring Experience:

Curriculum designer for 9th Bridge School in Las Vegas. Reading tutor and writing tutor for struggling learners. Parent, advocate, and tutor for my own special needs children.


Subjects taught:

Reading and writing for special needs and struggling learners (primarily elementary age, although I can teach older). Assist with word decoding, information retention, spelling trouble, poor handwriting.

My Approach

Reading is a struggle for many children. While some students take to it naturally, others do not. For them, connecting the dots between letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs is a complicated process. Few school systems are equipped to deal adequately with struggling learners.

That’s where I come in. My process is three-fold:

1. Diagnose: what issues is the student having? Are they lacking phonemic awareness, transposing letters, or struggling with attention issues?

2. Treat: I come up with a study plan to treat the diagnosed issues. This includes in-session work as well as homework, all of which is designed to engage the student’s interest and keep them progressing.

3. Follow through: as we carry out the study plan, I make sure that my student is improving on the issues diagnosed earlier. If they aren’t, I reconfigure the plan, with the parents’ input as needed.

Testimonials and Reviews

"I can't recommend Meg enough if your child is struggling with reading and you feel like they're falling further and further behind at school. Our child loves doing online tutoring now."

-Jennifer C, parent of Katie, age 8, Parker, CO

"Because my child has advanced so quickly, I can't recommend Meg enough. Our child now asks each morning if it's Meg time :)"

-Autumn H, parent of Henri, age 5, Tampa, FL

"Meg is fantastic! . She helped our 5th grader with his test anxiety and he is much more confident now & is an honor student. She helped our 3rd grader, too, who is now also much more confident, excelling where she wasn't before & making straight A's. We appreciate everything Meg did for our children & I highly recommend her."

-Jenee Solomon

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